About Us

purba Hi, I am Purba.

I am your garden-variety South Calcutta (or Kolkata... tomayto, tomahto) gal. Growing up near Gariahat, I then spent a decade in the US, doing what all Indians (well, a good part of them) do there... programming. You see, I was a software engineer in my other life.
After moving back home again, I started a mythical quest to find work that doesn't feel like Work. About twenty million failed attempts later, I zeroed in on a start-up that has begun a venture that feels like my idea of a job… exciting and fun… AND, I get to work from home!
I am perpetually bitten by the travel-bug and wish to go out and about around six times a year on an average!

I also have a 'thing' for printed words. Books, magazines, pamphlets, posters, wall slogans, DYI instructions on the back of my son's toy boxes.. I have this compelling urge to read anything and everything in the line of my vision. You notice that person you see in a clinic who goes through the doctor's list intently as if it's celeb gossip column for the lack of any other reading material? That will be me. I am sure there's a name for this disorder, only I haven't been able to Google it yet.
Oh, I also have a very temperamental daughter who has a mind of her own. Yesterday, she decided to run out of the house and look at the world by herself!

I am also a Firm Believer in Fantasy.

I have tried believing in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. It's definitely doable.

I also DO believe in fairies...and I think you should, too.

I have always found myself in an awkward situation while writing about myself. Bosses would ask that of me, you know, in new organizations. And I, too, in turn, would ask that of new joiners!

sudarshana I am Sudarshana, an HR professional from an earlier life with an inordinate interest in writing. In fact, Purba and I have made a paradigmatic shift to an alternate career of doing what we wanted to, most. We have a digital marketing firm that goes by the name of Melange Solutions.

Born and brought up in Ballygunge, I have spent all my life very very unadventurously, in Kolkata only. I am the mother of two kids, one in school and one in the threshold of University. I am a part of all their epiphanic moments to turbulent outrage. I, by the way, am also the mother of my 73-year-old mother…You know what the Bard had said regarding old age being the second childhood etc. etc.!
Btw, my youngest child is about one and a half and believes that she can call all the shots in our house. Loves to stargaze from the balcony and sometimes feels like sniffing the flowers too!

What do I like? It will be easier to sum up what I don't, including hypocrites, liars, lizards, and cockroaches precisely in that order. I love to listen to the pitter-patter of the rain, the rhythmic sound of the train going past my house, the sound of the silence and see the sun rising and the rain. I love to see my children engrossed and happy, and I love to live. I also have my niggling sorrows, my inner rage… well, all of that later!
Remember....."All It Takes Is Faith, Trust, and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust"
Love and Light!

samhita Hi, I am Samhita.
I am the stargazing, mushy, romantic part of this triptych. Think reading old love letters on a rain-drenched afternoon, a still-fragrant rose inside a tattered copy of Arch of Triumph, haunting melodies of Madan Mohan on a full moon night…
I am a hard-core South Calcutta girl, growing up right next to Rabindra Sarobar, no less! Had my tryst with Sociology which more than anything else, honed my argumentative skills, according to my Ma. Skills that I had plenty to begin with (Kutarka kora). But contrary to her apprehension, I did not choose Law as my profession; neither did I become an honest-to-God social activist! Instead, I did a 180 degree turn. Revelation – these argumentative reasoning generate moolah when done with a dumb machine! I worked as a Software Architect for more than a decade. For the last few years though, I have been dabbling in a bit of this and a bit of that, all pertaining to writing.
I am a sucker for Ye Olde Worlde charm. Tumbledown buildings, old sepia-toned photographs, black and white movies… all chicken soup for my soul.
The other day someone called me a Librocubicularist (a person who reads in bed). Biggest compliment! I am a ReadsBooksEverywhererist (my father-in-law was shocked to find out that I carry one to the loo, too)! I am also a ReadEverythingYouCanFindist. Dog-eared copies of The Last Unicorn, 100 Years of Solitude and The American Gods sit side by side Holde Pakhir Palok, Nagini Kanyar Kahini and Byomkesh Samagra on my bookshelf.
And I love to talk. Earlier my Ma, and now my worse half, think I live to talk, as well! So what say we start a conversation?
Happy gabbing!