All the way to the heart – Food!!

They say that the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach! I believe irrespective of gender, food – delectable and delicious food, is definitely an immense turn on for anybody. Off late I had the privilege of meeting three pretty charismatic women who, despite beginning their career in a different genre of business have successfully migrated to a completely different field altogether – that of FOOD.

As I had mentioned in our first edition of #andthathasmadeallthedifference, that probably because so many people around me including myself, have moved on to something which wasn’t our forte earlier, I take an almost personal pride in these achievements. It doesn’t matter to me if they have got their ROI or whether they have broken even; but what matters to me is that they have shown the guts, the panache to pursue what they are pursuing, to do what they are doing. Let us today have a look at the three women who are cooking up a storm in the kitchen and whose fare, should Dumbledore had eaten would have said ‘Tuck In”!


Paramita Bhattacharya, Gold Rush

I met Paromita Bhattacharya, who has recently set up a cozy restaurant called Gold Rush in Tollygunge with Anumita DasGupta, who is better known as a film director. What piqued my interest was that they were running it single handedly and of course the name Gold Rush. I had the privilege of meeting Paromita over a lunch in her newly opened restaurant. The restaurant isn’t pretentious and is extremely matter of fact décor wise.  The menu isn’t also something which is exotic and hard-to-come-by. Paromita had been the Group Head – HR in a well-known finance company and post childbirth gave it all up. She drew her inspiration from her mother and started her own manpower agency; the foodie streak in her drove her to join hands with her cousin, Anumita and open Gold Rush.

Inspired by Chaplin of course, they wish to continue the gold rush and open at least 3-4 more outlets in the coming 6 months. Primarily focusing on Chinese and oriental cuisine, they also offer continental cuisine. Four months down the line since inception, Paromita thanks all the contacts that she had made, especially the young brigade of bloggers who had really helped her with their specific feedbacks and helped her grow. She nails it when she says – “I am tensed when people don’t come in and I am also tensed when people do come in – there’s no scope for complacency in this business”.


Those wishing to venture in her restaurant can try the Thai Seafood Soup, the dry chilli chicken and the steamed momos amongst other things. They were the highlights for me. The food as she mentioned is healthier since they make it a point not to use any MSG.


Paramita Basu, Good Morning Kolkata

The other firebrand who has burst into Kolkata food scenario is also a Paramita. Paramita Basu, I believe runs the only outfit which specialises in providing a variety of excellent and nutritional breakfast to Calcuttans on the weekends. Isn’t that an amazing concept? Running around like a headless chicken throughout the week definitely calls for some more ME time for the Women or, in those rare cases, the Men of the house… a bit more sleepover time probably? Paramita, a hotel management passout of IHMCTAN has really gone out to redefine the concept of food served at your door literally! Having worked with five star properties in different parts of the country, she too took a sabbatical when she was expecting, but never could get the hospitality sector out of her radar. Thus Good Morning Kolkata (can you hear Vidya Balan saying Good Morning Mumbai??? ) was founded in May 2016 with the collaboration of her mentor Arthur Cardozo , who is also the brains behind their attractive logo! Post inception, it started its operation since August 2016. Since breakfast is the most important meal, they not only wish to traverse the uncharted territories area wise, but novelty wise as well.

FoodThis mantra of GMK, shortened version of Good Morning Kolkata, has geared it to serve luchi and begun bhaja grouped with vegetable cutlets and gulab jamun. This Pan-Indian dimension of GMK’s platters walks into the continental space with its non-veg platters with croissant, sauteed mushroom and stuffed omelets. If serving comes with style and attitude, GMK occupies an important place for its innovative ideas. Clubbing the breakfast platter with a newspaper definitely bids you ”a very good morning”. You can also gift your near and dear ones with GMK’s breakfast on a weekend. FoodAll you have to do is a call and voila… the breakfast menu and headache will be gone leaving you with a definite quality of time to spend with yourself or with your loved ones.  Paramita has ensured that you spend your weekend mornings with yourself; and that’s honestly such a treat!

I have personally tried the veg as well the non-veg platter from GMK and can heartily recommend the same.


Jayita Sen Sengupta, Foodness Gracious

Jayita Sen Sengupta in Delhi too is blazing ahead with her bespoke food and home catering solution, her venture is called Foodness Gracious! And once you taste her food you too will be going “goodness gracious”! An erstwhile marketing professional having headed the marketing division of renowned media, pharma and lifestyle organisations, she was an expat, having stayed in Malaysia for the last couple of years. Post coming back to India, she took up cooking which was her passion as a profession; not because she needed to do it, but because she wanted to do it. Kolkata style chilli chicken, nonya cuisine, tomyum prawns, glass noodles, chnaap, Biryani and south eastern cuisine as well as Bangla ranna are her absolute fortes and have already won her numerous dedicated clienteles and accolades. An absolutely unique offering from Foodness Gracious will also be the Kolkata Street food, comprising of chicken and mutton rolls, mutton kabiraji etc.

FoodJayita Sen Sengupta, based out of Gurgaon, recently added a feather to her credit when she went to train the kitchen staff of a reputed 5-star hotel with her culinary expertise. Having taken off in this foodgasmic journey from 22nd of October only, must say that she has really achieved a lot in this brief span.

I can personally vouch for her fare as am an ardent fan. Thus folks in Delhi, Gurgaon and surrounding areas, can now really have exclusive and bespoke gastronomic solutions without much of an ado as Foodness Gracious is ready to cook up a storm.


Kolkata Colloquy wishes all these dynamic ladies all the best and hope that they keep carving newer niches for themselves. You can reach them in the following numbers or through their Facebook pages –

  1. Paromita Bhattacharya – Gold Rush – 9007104092
  2. Paramita Basu – Good Morning Kolkata – 9831793622
  3. Jayita Sen SenGupta – Foodness Gracious – 09999201697

Here’s raising a toast to them and hope that they keep cooking up storms in the kitchen and satiate the hunger of a-many and may they keep making #allthedifference!

Till then,

Love and Light


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