Thank God for Tea!

Thank God for Tea! What will the world do without Tea!

“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – is what sums up my mood exactly at any point during the day. It’s the elixir that keeps me, and many others going. The Brits too, for that matter of fact… Tea is almost a ritual for them.

Thus it was an almost surreal moment when Atreya from First Idea PR invited me along with a group of other blogger friends for a session of Tea Testing at a place called Karma Kettle.Karma1

The Karma Kettle is promoted by the owners of the beautifully scenic Cochrane Place in Kurseong. I have had the privilege of staying at Cochrane Place and have loved the ambience and also the loving way in which they present their tea. It was at Cochrane that I first had my lemongrass tea and trust me, those who haven’t had that…are just missing an elixir.

Karma Kettle is very conveniently located in Ballygunge – Swinhoe Street to be exact. The beautiful seating arrangement outside is going to be a delight when the weather cools down and the interiors too are absolute gems.

In the tea testing session we had around 20 types of tea, amongst which we tried some of the eternal favorites like the Darjeeling and various types of that, or the Tea Sticks; which are all the rage now and also something Tisane ( pronounced as ti-zahn) which are not tea but beautiful herbal concoctions. Tisanes are without any doubt healthier to an extent as they do not contain caffeine.krma3

I am going to talk about the couple of tea tastes which got me hooked and which I am going to go back for and make into a lifelong habit.

Amongst the slightly known to non-connoisseurs like me were the Darjeeling First Flush, produced in February from the abode of Gods, Darjeeling; where the weather is perfect and the soil gives that perfect tone of astringency which is exquisitely balanced between sweet and a mellow note.

I personally loved and highly recommend the Himalayan Moonshine, which is the second flush. The name comes from the fact that its plucked only during full moon and the leaves look like slivers of the silvery moon. It had a slight lemony flavor upon sipping.

The Maya was truly illusory and had a distinct chocolaty flavor to it, having bits of white chocolate, dark chocolate and butterscotch in it.

We came back to the lemongrass flavor with the tea called Great Wall. The Longjin tea comes from China and has the lower notes of lemongrass, musk melon and lychee. The tea tasted luscious and left a beautiful after-taste.

karma5The other blend which I am going to go back to is the Table Mountain. It is essentially a mixture of ingredients mostly found in the African Sub continent, like the Rooibos, Liquorice amongst numerous others and having a Vanilla top note. It is a caffeine free variety.

Santorini, with its delectable Mediterranean flavor also caught our collective attention. It had the distinct notes of Oregano, Rosemary, basil and peppermint which were immediately recognizable to our olfactory tracts.

Some of The other extremely interesting and musically named teas that we had were – Shanti, Gulmarg, Travancore etc.

We downed these delectable brews along with some delicious red velvet cupcakes, homemade sandwiches with chips and other tid bits.

The premises also houses Ivy House, which in the true legacy of Cochrane Place is a home away from home for the weary travelers.

karma4So those looking for some shanti, which is actually maya and an illusion… do drop in to Karma Kettle and enjoy moments of solitude or have a heart-to-heart with friends! The delectable, refreshing and delicious teas are available as gift packs and boxes too.

So sip on and carry on…

Till then

Love and light


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  1. QISSAA says:

    Shanties which is maya and illusion…

  2. Sona Chakraborty says:

    Wow! Have to visit this place and soon. Thank you for the update

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