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The Palms Restaurant – Oriental Menu

Shahbaaz from Foodzpah asked, if I was interested to attend the new oriental menu launch at The Palms Restaurant in Southern Avenue. Of course I was! The basic reason was that it promised to be not the run of the … Continue reading

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পুজোর খাওয়া দাওয়া

বাঙালির উৎসব মানেই খাওয়া দাওয়া | এখানে বাঙালি বলতে আমি পৃথিবীর আনাচে কানাচে ছড়িয়ে থাকা “জন্মগত” বাঙালি এবং বাংলার শহর-গ্রামের ভিন্ন ভাষাভাষী, অথচ “মনেপ্রাণে” বাঙালি – দুই-ই বোঝাচ্ছি | তাই বাঙালির প্রাণের উৎসব – দূর্গা পুজো – এসে গেল, অথচ … Continue reading

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The Singara Trail

Exploring the roots of Bengali samosas and it’s global family Ahem… Scrumptious singara, piping hot are you with innards of narkel, badam and of course, alu From paka dekha to parar adda, of all trades you are the jack Oh! … Continue reading

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Fishy fishy, Bong Bong

10 quintessential Bengali fishes All the world knows that Bengalis have an eternal, classic love story going on with fishes. Like Paro to her Devdas, Juliet to her Romeo, Heer to her Ranjha, so is fish to the Bengali; no … Continue reading

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The Art of Communicating through Dumb Charades

 OR How to train your Tamil cook to make a true-blue Bong Dhokar dalna It was early 2008. On a cool, fresh February morning, I arrived at the Garden City with 3 huge suitcases, 2 cardboard boxes, 2 trolley bags … Continue reading

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