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পয়লা বৈশাখের পাঁচ রকম…

একটা বছর ঘুরে আবার এসে গেল – কাঠফাটা গরমে এক ঝলক মিষ্টি হাওয়ার মতো, টানা মাসের পর মাস ঘাড় গুঁজে কাজ করে যাওয়ার পরে স্বস্তির নিশ্বাস ফেলা একটা বন্ধের দিনের মতো, দিনের পর দিন ডায়েটিং করতে করতে হঠাৎ এক প্লেট … Continue reading

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Fishy fishy, Bong Bong

10 quintessential Bengali fishes All the world knows that Bengalis have an eternal, classic love story going on with fishes. Like Paro to her Devdas, Juliet to her Romeo, Heer to her Ranjha, so is fish to the Bengali; no … Continue reading

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The Bong Vs Bangali Controversy

I was thinking the other day (yes, I do that sometimes!). What is it about the words Bangali and Bong, that sparks (well, controversy may be too strong a word for it) a debate between the dearest of friends? Is … Continue reading

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Fifty years in the company of Feluda

You probably met him when you were about 7 or 8. An average Bengali youth, with a not-so-average mind, on a vacation in Darjeeling with his young cousin. Possessing a sharp wit, a sharper eye for detail and keen deductive … Continue reading

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