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In conversation with Sarmistha Som

Poila Baisakh is just round the corner! Done with your shopping? Taken the list out and mentally ticked off the sarees to be bought for Ma, Mashi, the Didi who cooks and washes; for Dida, for mother-in-law and so on and so forth? What? All done?  And what saree did you buy for yourself? Nothing, I assume? Didn’t get time and still trying to figure out what’s really in this season, right? Without further ado, let us take you to an expert who will share her views about what’s hot and what’s not this summer.

Meet Sarmistha Som. She is the creative force behind Cupraa – the well-known clothing and lifestyle address in South Kolkata. A CA turned teacher turned fabric curator turned entrepreneur – on whose aesthetics quite a number of women trust blindly. Sarmistha started Cupraa in the year 2013 and since then it has only gained ground amongst the fashion frat, not only in Kolkata but in other parts of India and abroad as well. What makes her and brand Cupraa stand out, is her consistent eye for details and her fetish for quality.sarmishthha

In conversation with Sarmistha –

KC – what is the material of choice for this Poila Baisakh or this season?

Sarmistha – For now, it’s all about cottons, various types of cottons; the handloom ones, the very soft Muls or  Khesh sarees. However, cotton is the fabric of choice. For the Pujas, there will a lot of other interesting materials with which Cupraa is working.

KC – Is there any color palette of choice that has come up?

Sarmistha – Interesting that you ask this! Despite being summer, and the traditional notion of people opting for pastel shades; the recent trend is quite the opposite. Saree CupraaPeople are opting for bright colors, jewel colors. Of course the classic trio of white, beige and black stays; but it’s the vivid hues that are ruling the roost.

KC – What are your top 5 pick in colors trending this season?

Sarmistha – the top five colors which I have observed are ruling and flowing off my racks are-

  • Royal Blue
  • Orange, as Orange is the new black
  • Teal or what is more commonly called sea green
  • Rust
  • The Blacks, beiges and whites

KC – Do you think that sarees have become the go – to attire in a woman’s wardrobe?

Sarmistha – absolutely. Saree has always been there. Theres no beating this 6 yards of fluid grace and charm, but yes, with these #100sareepacts , #sadeesaree and various other saree platforms coming up, people have started taking a more than keen interest in sarees. And interestingly enough at least now, for this season, most of my buyers are looking at a price point of Rs.2500 and so. May be they will pick up 3 sarees worth 2500 at a go, but more is the name of the game as I believe showcasing the sarees and variety of it has become important.

KC – What are the trends that Saree Cupraa Neckpieceyou personally feel is hot this season and even for the coming season?

Sarmistha – in my view, sarees have become the canvas, the backdrop against which one can show off their versatility and ingenuinity. People are using blouses as accessories. Blouses in various prints, colors and cuts. Other than the Blouses blouses, I have coat blouses, blouses which are more like cropped tops; and trust me they are flying off the shelf like hot cakes! Blouses and neckpieces are the biggest accessories that are trending now.

KC – what would be your fashion tip for the upcoming Poila Baisakh buy?

Sarmistha – I have seen the Kakali sarees which we have in mercerized cotton in jewel multicolored tones doing phenomenally well. The solid tones of the sarees are a perfect canvas for the fashionistas to experiment with various cuts, prints and bespoke blouses and also invest in some sure-fire stunning neckpieces, as they are the focal points. Thus, I would suggest opting for a solid colored saree, with a well fitted blouse or top in an interesting pattern or personalized design and top it with an interesting neckpiece. The versatility and appeal of a solid color saree is unbeatable.

KC – Aren’t there, how I should put it ‘copies’ or ‘look-alikes’ of your creations? How do you deal with that?

Sarmistha – By reminding myself that imitation is the best form of flattery! But of course it irritates me to see my ideas and designs being plagiarized ruthlessly. But that’s the scenario. My clientele would know my work, the plagiarized ones will always be – exactly that; copies. Thus I have learnt to let go despite fuming inside.

KC – Finally, tell me more about Cupraa and your journey so far. How supportive has your family been?

Sarmistha – See, Cupraa is slowly becoming more of a lifestyle store. We have our own pottery making units, our own artisans for some very interesting Dokra artifacts, our jewellery section, where we are offering our clientele a wide range of choice for some really stunning and very interesting pieces of costume jewelleries and Saree Cupraa Topsour prêt line where we are designing and customizing tops, palazzos, dresses, straight pants in various materials and also offering personalized solutions for very discerning clients. And when you ask about my journey so far; I wouldn’t have been wherever I am hadn’t it been for the immense support that my family had extended towards me. My husband Sanjoy, and my two sons Suprotim and Partho have been rock solid pillars on whom I have leaned and rested.  It is they, who have made this rocky terrain bearable and the journey smooth.

Last, but not the least, she boasts of a wonderful and ever smiling team consisting of Sangita, Pranati and Pushpa, who are forever willing to extend their help.

You can find Sarmistha on Facebook at Cupraa Clothing, or in her store at 56 Jatin Das Road, Kolkata -29.

Till then,

Love and Light


Photo courtesy: Sarmistha Som.

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12 Responses to Saree, Cupraa and more

  1. Sarmistha Som says:

    Thank you Sudarshana/ ma’am and the entire KC team for thinking of featuring Cupraa.
    Sangita, Pranati, Pushpa, Sarmistha

  2. Mallika sinha says:

    Khub sundor and congrats sarmistha di

  3. Soumyasree Chakraborty says:

    It is lovely to see my favourite hang out space being talked about. And the lady with a warmth that makes you feel at home and at ease immediately.

  4. Nandini Chakravarty says:

    I came upon Cupraa in 2014, just before Pooja. The subtle and elegant styling of her creations totally wooed me over. The lady behind Cupraa, Sarmistha has such a genuine warmth along with her sincerest professionalism… I only trust Cupraa for my pricey indulgence in the 6 yards term. Cupraa is an indispensable part of us.

  5. Shashee Daniel says:

    Ur sarees speaks of a style in rare batik work. Also the other sarees are good & most interesting factor is it is affordable & eye catching rare colour combinations

    • admin says:

      Thanks Shashee Daniel. We are happy to receive your feedback and hope you will keep reading our other posts as well.

  6. Gopali C Ghosh says:

    Lovely!!! Cupraa is everything that was written and more. It’s a true lifestyle store and it was wonderful reading this !!

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