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Shahbaaz from Foodzpah asked, if I was interested to attend the new oriental menu launch at The Palms Restaurant in Southern Avenue.

Of course I was! The basic reason was that it promised to be not the run of the mill Chinese fare, but something different and out of the box and that too somewhere close by in Southern Avenue. So there we were on the 22nd evening at The Palms along with a bunch of young influencers, who are all achievers in their own rights.

The Palms

I have previously been to The Palms attending a talk show and was already impressed with their clean décor. The artificial greenery is in fact quite eye-catching. We were greeted with Som Tum Salad and the Seafood Coriander Thick soup.  The Som Tum Salad had a seasoning of lemon juice and was prepared with raw papaya. The soup was exactly of the correct consistency, having avoided the plight of being too runny. There was enough of shrimps to be tasted in the soup.

The appetizers started off with Takrai Gai. Made with chicken, it had a distinct taste of lemongrass which was extremely refreshing. The PalmsThe Fish Cake Pepper Salt was soft and very very tasty. What came next was something I hadn’t had before. It was Sev Thikin Prawn. Fresh quite large sized prawns were wrapped in Sev and were also served in a bed of Sevs. There was a tangy sauce along with it. Personally despite liking the unusual prawn preparation, I did not like the sauce, so next time I go there I would have the prawns sans the sauce. The spicy onions pancakes were deep fried with onion and masala paste dipped in a thick batter.

The main course kick started with Panaeng Curry Chicken. With a distinct oriental flavor given to this chicken recipe with coconut milk and fish sauce; this preparation is easier on the palate and is a decidedly different take of a chicken curry.

The Massaman Curry Prawn is a Thai dish having flavours of coconut milk, fish sauce, The Palmstomatoes amongst other things. It’s an absolute delight to have it with plain or sticky rice. The Tausi Chicken was tasty. The steamed Fish in lemon Coriander sauce is an absolute winner with the melt-in-your –mouth fish portions cooked in tangy lemon juices and sprinkled with coriander. The Savoury Pork Ribs with snow peas, to me seemed a little high on the oil, but if one is ok with the oil factor then it is highly suggested. The Mapo Tofu Lamb is something which I had for the first time and I must say it is one of the must-haves in The Palms. This dish is made with ground lamb and was topped with tofu. I reiterate, one dish not to be missed.

The Palms

The rice and noodles we tasted were the lemon flavoured steamed rice, Moon fan fried rice, stewed steamed rice, Singapore rice noodles and the braised noodles. Amongst these I would opt for moon fan fried rice and the Singapore rice noodles. I found both these dishes to be perfect.

The dessert was brought up by Darsan in honey and chocolate. The other dessert was Iced Lychees, which was yummilicious and an absolute must have.

All these elaborate menus were washed down by some veryThe Palms interesting mocktails like Pink Island which was sweet and refreshing, Cinderella which was served with lemon and mint leaves and looked very colourful in a shade of orange. There would be many a kid who would love the KitKat shake, which had a whole KitKat as a topping!

This amazing spread is available while we usher in the New Year and the price point too is well within the affordable limit.

Till Then

Bon Appétit


The Palms Restaurant

19 A Southern Avenue, Kolkata – 700029
Beside N G Hospital.
Zomato Ratings – 4.3
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  1. Gopali Ghosh says:

    Yummmm – made me hungry reading this – Massaman is originally from Indonesia and had an influence on our own Bengali Manghsher Jhol because Massaman uses potatoes with the Lamb in a lamb Massaman and we Bongs are possibly the only culinary group that add potatoes to meat. Now to visit the kitchen to forage something after this delicious write up !!

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