Nawwarah – for pure, unadulterated, vegetarian food pleasure

Having just been back from a holiday where vegetarian food was the staple, I was a little sceptical to receive an invitation to attend a Bloggers Meet in the talk-of-the-town new vegetarian restaurant called Nawwarah. But the food that I had there laid my mind at rest!

Located bang opposite the Quest Mall and a couple of steps further from the famed sweet shop Mithai, Nawwarah – Food Nawwarahwhich in Moroccan I reckon means bedazzling, is truly an experience in itself. Before the food appeared, I was most taken in and transported in a middle eastern setting with intricate and colourful awnings, lacquered chairs, brass encrusted swings, delicately carved mirrors and lush yet subdued carpeting. The premises boast of a restaurant and also a lounge with a free flowing seating arrangement. There are even stuffed toys strewn here and there in case the lil’ one wants to hug one! The ornate and intricately carved chandelier is the piece-de-resistance in the lounge.

The food that we were served literally made me forget my woes of a vegetarian staple during my recent trip. We started off with mock tails and were served mock tails such as Safe Sex on The Beach, Atomic Cat and Guava Delight. Food NawwarahThe Safe Sex on The Beach was presented with a cherry on top and was rather sweet having cranberry juice. I personally felt it was a bit too sweet.  The Atomic Cat had a punchline of ginger and orange juice and had a taste of Basil leaves. What got me going was the Guava Delight. Having a red dry chilli as a decoration this packed a nice kick when drunk. The taste of Guava is rather deceiving and then the shot of chilli hits you hard. Definitely recommended for the adventurous!

There were two special Valentines drink served. Valentine Special Mocktail With Rose Caviar was sweet with rose caviar crystals rolling off in the tongue. Soothing and the presentation of this drink looked like a million dollars and clinched the deal. The other drink was Sweet 16 which had a strawberry creamy foam on top and had orange juice as a base.

First what arrived was the Nanza… lest you ask what is that, let me elucidate. It is a cross between a Nan and a pizza.  The soft Nan portions having a cheesy topping and sprinkled with oregano and other herbs, when dipped in the Dal Makkhani, served in a small bucket, just tasted out of the world. It is a brilliant concept of having married our Nan and their Pizza.

Food Nawwarah

We then had the Nawwarah Platter. The Nawwarah Platter is the mixed grilled platter. This is the best vegetarian grilled platter that I have had honestly. The mushrooms were flavourful and tender, the potatoes stuffed and perfectly cooked. The Paneer left a lot to be desired for and to me tasted bland. However for the rest of the items, this is strongly recommended.

Food NawwarahThe Paneer Khurchan is one of the best I have eaten. This is a dish where vegetables cut julienne is tossed around with Paneer with a dash of tomato puree and tomato sauce, sprinkled with Kasoori Methi and garnished with Coriander leaves.

Another highlight of what we tried was the Amritsari Kulche. Chana cooked to perfection had onions served inside conical papads. Delightful to see as well as eat!

The Four Cheese Pizza is an absolute must-have in Nawwarah. A thin crust pizza with a topping of cheese only like Mozzarella and Cheddar! Absolute melt-in-your-mouth.

The Arabian Falafel Rolls were interesting, both to look at and to eat. The Hummus served along with the rolls was also good.

The Asparagus Risotto was an enviable green and is cheesy as expected with a side of Garlic Bread.  We were also served Open Sandwich with a basket of French fries and sauce.

The Dessert section at Nawwarah is an absolute gastronomical delight. It caused foodgasm literally!

Food Nawwarah

Masala Chai Ice Cream is unique and a must-try. The masala chai is given separately and needs to be infused in the ice cream for that kick!

The Baked Gulab Jamun is something I hadn’t come across before.  The presentation looked like a painting and I was practically loathe to eat it up!  Gulab Jamun innovatively baked inside cakes and served with ice creams. I will definitely come back here to have this!

I had to rush and thus couldn’t taste another delectable and mouth watering dessert. However the next time!

I strongly recommend this place to my veggie as well as non-veggie friends. The food is simply good here. Period. If in the mood for a vegetarian fare, Nawwarah is the place to stop by.

Love and Light.


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  1. Sona Chakraborty says:

    What superb description! Made me want to turn vegetarian!!

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