NARCISSUS-STAN: confessions of a selfie-addicted kid

IMG-20161002-WA0049Hello to everyone who took out some time and stopped by for reading this. So, when I was asked to write something for Kolkata Colloquy , I thought for a very very long time , I was confused and still remain so. I was not really sure about what I should be  writing about, but then chanced upon a topic. We take so many chances and risks in a day , taking another one won’t really spoil the game that bad, ehh?

so my post today is about selfies!

All of us take selfies, wefies, groupfies and all . You do, I do and so does everyone . Do a survey , I bet you won’t find 5 people who don’t. Come on, I mean we all love taking selfie ‘s and don’t hesitate to say that it’s almost a part of our lives.
But have you ever thought where the word selfie comes from? No? I haven’t  too. But close your eyes and think a little deeper , don’t  the words “Selfie” and “Selfish” sound  homophonous? And aren’t the practice of taking selfie ‘s making us a little bit more selfish that we used to be? Or maybe just a little more narcissistic than we already are?  We are becoming self obsessed with every selfie that we take.  We are looking at the mirror double the times that we used to, just in order to take a selfie.  IMG_20161030_071855_1496222949879
Recently,  a lot of cellular phone advertisements have taken  the innocent and playful act of taking selfies a little too further. The makers are trying to make a land full of selfie ‘ s  which is equivalent to making a land full of selfish people.  Also its almost the basic purpose of a phone is only about taking selfiees. Remember those days when there weren’t any selfies and we would ourselves click a picture or two for someone when asked too? Didn’t we click them better ? Weren’t we much more patient while clicking a picture? The biggest thing is we gave someone else time rather than looking into the front camera and caressing ourselves day in day out.
Remember what had happened to Narcissus?  He fell in love with his own reflection, and was unable to rise  and look beyond the beauty of his own reflection. He lost his will to live.  He stared at his reflection until he died.
scary, isn’t it? No, I mean please don’t stop taking selfies . I wouldn’t.  But can’t we lessen down our level of self – obsession a wee bit?
But come to think to think of it selfies aren’t that bad either.
Albert Camus had once said ” To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others” , so being happy and self obsessed is not  that bad too . Selfie is a very contemporary way of showing yourself , your activities and all that you love . So basically,  it is you who will have to do decide what and how selfies are to you and how important is it to show your narcissism.
So… go ahead, rack your brains and think of it. And do let us know.
Much Love
A selfie addicted Kid.
Shreeja Sudarshana Bhattacharya is nearly 18. She aspires to be a cinematographer at times…  then again hearing from close family friends that it’s going to be tedious and will burn her alabaster skin,  changed her mind and now thinks will write copies. A voracious reader and a photographer with a panache,  She will be appearing for her plus 2 S next year and loves listening to music.

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2 Responses to NARCISSUS-STAN: confessions of a selfie-addicted kid

  1. Sona Chakraborty says:

    Wow Shreeja…awesome article!! Me thinks you should be a photographer, you have a knack with the camera

  2. Indrani chakraborty says:

    Thanks Shreeja for selecting a subject which is so popular but so less discussed. Most of the people have an insatiable urge towards it. You have beautifully expressed the mood of the young generation who are dangerously obsessed with selfie.. I pity those people for whom breathtaking beauty of nature serves only as a background of a good selfie.. ‘Selfish Selfie’ has taken so many lives.. Waiting for your next blog. Keep on writing….

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