Malyasian Palm Oil and it’s 100th Year!

mpocTo be honest, the first and last I had heard of Palm Oil was when I was very very young.  There was a major furor regarding the ill effects of Palm Oil. That dissipated and that was it, till decades after decades later, I received a call from a beautiful voice enquiring if I would like to join an event on a Sunday afternoon talking about…. Palm Oil!

I was fairly skeptical and was actually in a dilemma to be or not to be. Anyway, seeing a lot of friends and renowned fellow bloggers agreeing to attend the event; I followed suit. I wasn’t disappointed.

This event was organized by the MPOC( Malaysian Palm Oil Council) commemorating their centenary and was meant to spread an awareness about Palm Oil and was held in Barbeque Nation, Park Street.  The MPOC is a non-profitable organization that propagates the benefits of Palm Oil and does the marketing activities necessary for creating a favorable brand image.

Apart from Malaysia and south eastern Asian countries, Palm Oil is widely used in countries such as Africa, and also in Brazil. Derived from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm, according to MPOC, it prolongs the shelf life of all cosmetic products and is a must for few edible products as well. According to researched it has also been proven that the Palm oil is cholesterol free and lowers the bad cholesterol in the body.

mpThe session began with Priyanka ushering us in and Bhavna Shah navigating us through the labyrinthine history of Palm Oil. How and when it was planted and what are the usages and that it may have been sabotaged by the Western Media.

Post the information session provided by Ms Bhavna Shah, the bloggers participated in a clue and treasure hunt activity and in turn visited Mocambo, Oasis and Trinca’s.  In between there was a game where the bloggers blindfolded had to taste a dish and list the ingredients .mp1

Upon reaching Trinca’s, each team was given the task of preparing a salad, garnering ingredients laid out on the table and were judged on the basis of taste and presentation by the Chef and Ms. Bhavna Shah. Post this all the tired yet gleeful bloggers sauntered their way back to Barbeque Nation .


The next and the last segment of this fun afternoon was darting. The teams had to throw a dart and accrue points. I failed miserably! The best team won and there were photograph sessions with funky accessories and placards.

Last but not the least was the amazing lunch from Barbeque Nation , Park Street. Over succulent kebabs ,delicious main courses  and delightful desserts; the bloggers bonded and spoke almost a nineteen to a dozen! One thing was a certainty, that Six Sigma and MPOC had organized a delightful event and an afternoon. We look forward to more such events which are informative yet fun-filled.

Till then

Love and light


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