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It’s been a long time when to have a decent and interesting meal, one would need to travel to Park Street. Many a streets of Kolkata are fast becoming the “Eat Streets”! One such locality is the Kasba Road, the road from Bijon Setu till the Ruby Golpark. Eateries dot both the sides of the road. Silver Platter is in Kasba, near the Acropolis Mall.

At first glance, Silver Platter will not woo you. The exterior is rather nondescript and I was a little surprised to reach there for a food tasting where I was graciously invited by the Management of #Silver Platter and #Foodzpah.  The place is small. The décor is minimalistic in neat and clean lines. What will take me aback would be the food and the foodgasmic journey.


We were welcomed by a drink which they call the Sisters in Arms, and which I found to be fresh and minty. We were along with the welcome drink served the Pepper Garlic Chicken, which was tasty and well done.  What was about to follow, stopped all our small chit chats.

It is not all restaurants that serve pork. Silver Platter does and does it well. The Chilli Pork was crisp and succulent at the same time.  Next came up crispy and deep fried golden Semolina Crusted Calamari rings with a dip along with it. Calamari again, is mostly a Goan favourite and not all run-of –the –mill restaurants cater to it.

FoodHaving mentally ticked the Silver Platter in the right boxes, I then was transported to a dizzy when we were served Bacon Wrapped Prawns. Now this is an iconic item offered by a number of places, but I must say, that the smoky bacon was the perfect foil for the prawns which had soaked in the smokiness of the bacon. Absolutely heavenly! The Tampura Prawn which arrived next was good, but my recommendation to those who are not averse to pork or bacon would be to go for this.

The main course started off with Chicken Stroganoff. At the risk of sounding wannabe, this small joint will give a lot of old timers a run for their money by the sheer dint of this dish. It was as creamy and as mushroomy as it needed to be.

The item which came up next for Tasting wasn’t quite up to my palate. It was called Minced Lamb Ragu and had a sweetish overwhelming flavor and taste. It kind of reminded me of the ubiquitous Pav Bhaji somehow!


The Pork Chops were just rightly done and laid in a bed of lightly sauteed veggies with mashed potato coming up in the sides along with garlic bread.

FoodIn between these amazing portions, we were served two more mocktails called Blue Apple and the Pink Rose. Both were perfect and thirst quenching.

The Tortilla Chicken Lasagna which came in a casserole was cheesy and the crust baked light golden. Upon forking a spoonful molten cheese oozed out.

The Grilled prawns come with a delightfully light herbed rice and makes a meal in itself.

The sumptuous and generous food tasting event was summed up with a mouth watering dessert called Fruit Fantasy, which is an ice cream based dessert with lots of seasonal fruits lavishly thrown in, much like the famous Tooti Frooti.


This small joint is moderately priced, yet the food quality was amazing and I, for once would go back there personally. They also serve Kebabs I heard. Anyone seeking suggestions of what to have here, from the food I sampled would be wise to have the pepper garlic chicken, calamari fry, the bacon wrapped prawn or the tempura prawn in the main course my vote will be Chicken Stroganoff and the Grilled prawns with herb rice to finish off with the dessert.

Silver Platter

Rajdanga, Near Acropolis Mall.

#Zomato Rating & Link – 4.7/ 5

Do drop by and let me know if you enjoy the food as much as I did.

Till then

Love and light


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    Thank you for such a wonderful blog. We were equally delighted to serve you.

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