Coloroso – Sarees or six-yards of magic

Think Benarasi sarees, think glorious festive red, or blushing bridal pink, or majestic maroon. But what about one in a bright sunflower yellow, or a shimmering peacock blue? A dual-tone Chanderi in egg yolk orange, bordered by fresh lime green and dazzling turquoise! Linen so light and ethereal, it is like wrapping yourself in a six-yard long dream! Find it intriguing?

Welcome to Coloroso.

Sarees Coloroso

The name has been “popping up on my radar” (to quote someone), for quite some time now. Facebook posts of sarees that left me daydreaming; magazine ads that made me go green with envy of the saree-clad models; finally, a close family member and a Coloroso loyalist, flaunted one outstanding Benarasi piece in hot pink at a family wedding. It was too much to take sitting down. I stood up and decided to find out more, for myself, and for all the other saree lovers.

This is what I unearthed.

Opening their showroom a few years back, Coloroso has been upholding their core philosophy ever since – producing unique, handwoven, distinctive pieces Sarees Colorosothat would make any woman feel special, beautiful and confident. Each of its pieces are painstakingly designed, the colours carefully selected to bring out the best qualities of that particular weave. Coloroso works closely with the weavers and artisans, acknowledging the wisdom of their lifelong experience, passed on from generation to generation. Entwining those precious pearls into the weaving, the resulting masterpiece is always extraordinary, often breathtakingly so.

By their own admission, Coloroso sarees are mostly occasion-wear. Beautiful Benarasi sarees with intrinsic all-over work, pure silk Chanderi sarees that are pure magic, regal Tussar sarees with exquisite woven borders. And the colours – from parrot green to cobalt blue, from burnt orange to baby pink, from sun yellow to muted ivory, and all the shades imaginable in between! Their clients insist that each saree is so exclusive, you feel like celebrating each occasion that you wear them!

Their collections are built around three individualistic themes – Bridal, Vintage and Freespirited.

The Bridal collection showcases the archetypal occasion-wear. Satiny-smooth Benarasi silk, handloom-finished Tussar, gossamer-light Chanderi, woven with intricate patterns. Sarees ColorosoThere is enough option for each occasion, and for every taste.  Whether the bride is a gentle soul with a taste for the traditional, or she is a fiery spirit with her predilection for the nonconformist, she is sure to get her pick. What especially stands out for me in the Bridal Benarasi collection, is the unusual mixing of colours – royal blue with a peachy orange, leaf green with bougainvillea pink, sunshine yellow with saffron orange, charcoal grey with magenta! The monochromes are unmatched in their beauty as well.

The sarees in the Vintage collection are classically beautiful, each depicting a story of looms, weaving techniques, skills of a bygone era – almost forgotten, lovingly revived by the weavers and artisans. You could almost visualize the tiny settlement of weavers, where knowledge is handed down through generations, the master craftsmen working laboriously to give form to the perfection which is inherent in the threads. The innate beauty of ethnic India come alive in these work of arts!

Sarees Coloroso

The Freespirited collection is for the bold, the unchained, the dreamer of impossible dreams, the worshipper of the unexpected. Striking monochromes, uncommon contrasts work hand in hand with unconventional designs to create a feel of bohemian beauty. Uneven texture of handloom weaves paired with unorthodox colour combination gives this range a singular, distinctive flavor.

Apart from the Occasion-wear collections which is slightly on the higher end of the price range, Coloroso also has a Regular-wear section in Linen, Chanderi and other handloom weaves. These featherweight beauties are like godsends in this hot and humid weather. Weaved from natural fibers that breathe, these have the earthy qualities of rural India, at the same time being effortlessly elegant for any official meeting or social gathering.

Sarees Coloroso

From the very beginning, Coloroso had confidence. Confidence in its product, confidence in its ideology – if you sell good quality products, respect your craftsmen and their craft, Sarees Colorosoand do honest business with your customers, you would do good business. And they did! Within a very short time of opening, they became one of the topmost names in premium saree brands of India. They had dared to open their showroom at a location where there was almost no other retail outlet, let alone another saree shop! But the customers did find them – from celebrities like Rekha Bharadwaj, Vidya Balan, Soha Ali Khan, Rezwana Chouwdhury Banya to non-celebrities like you and me!

While shopping for this puja and diwali, you and me, let us visit and try to find some hidden gems from the treasure trove of Coloroso.

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