Circles: Part 2

“Hey buddy, finish your breakfast please…we’ll be late for school!”
The little boy with his serious eyes looked up from the bowl of Cheeerios with which he was intently playing a rather complicated game and stated, “Mom, I don’t like Kevin! He upset my blocks yesterday!”
Fishing for the car keys in her dresser drawer, Joyee absentmindedly replied, “’s okay bud! I’m sure he didn’t mean to…now, can you hurry up please?”
Taking her boy’s hand, Joyee stepped out into a beautiful Fall morning…
The sky is a Robin’s Egg blue and the sugar maple trees have turned to a brilliant shade of red and gold. There’s this delicious little nip in the air and Joyee loves the way it fills up her nostrils with it’s still-faint scent of frost!
Fall is definitely her favourite season in this part of the world.

After dropping her boy in daycare, Joyee pulled through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru and picked up her regular latte.
Cranking up the car speaker, she started her daily commute to work.
Just a normal day in her normal life.
Yet, there was a speck of uneasiness that was spinning it’s fine web like a little spider, hidden in a corner of her mind…
Of late, Anik’s behaviour has started to worry her a bit. He’s so quick with his temper these days, and ready to fly off the handle with the slightest excuse! She understands that he’s under a lot of stress with his new job and the expectations from him, but keeping up with his constant mood swings are beginning to take a toll on her.
Lately, sometimes she doesn’t even recognise the man anymore who has been her husband for ten years…
Is she becoming a little scared of Anik?

Her musings meandering, she was suddenly caught unawares by a sharp pang –
“I want to go back home…”
The unexpectedness of her thought almost took her breath away!
Home? But this is her home now! This upscale suburb of the nation’s capital that she fell in love with. The cosmopolitan air, the beautifully preserved colonial houses, the eclectic and quirky shops and cafes and the colourful ethnic restaurants..
Why then, will a lovely October morning suddenly make her long for faraway skies brush-stroked with cirrus clouds, tufts of ‘kash’ swaying their wispy heads, and ‘Shiuli’ scented mornings wet with dew drops?

She forcefully pushed the thoughts away and decided to focus on the radio news instead.

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