Circles: Part 1

Amrita’s phone lit up. precariously balancing two bags, she took out the phone carefully from the pocket of her jeans. An FB friend request and message. It could wait. 

Paying the rickshaw and depositing the bags, she opened her messenger. A ball dropped. Shubho Gupta. Amrita clicked on the DP and zoomed in it to see whether it was someone walking over her grave.

Shubho, a piece of her girlhood. no longer bespectacled, but somewhere abroad. Totally realising that the systole and diastole were shooting up, she bit her lips and wondered whether to accept the friend request or not.

She told herself to let it be. 

Sundays are always hectic. Cooking. Getting the whole week’s wardrobe sorted. Her friends often tease her about being OCD, which she pertly corrects saying she is the OCP… obsessive compulsive personality. Thus putting things into place and cleaning house took away the most of this Sunday too.

What’s Sunday without a siesta? While lying down beside her son, she reached for her phone again. women, I tell you! Heaving a sigh she opened Shubhos profile and typed… ” received a fb connect”.

Pat came the reply,” accept. What are you waiting for, Christmas? ”

Her lips curved in a smile. He could still , after what… nearly 18 years, could still make her smile.

Amrita typed in ” But why after so many years and how?”

Shubho – “small work. long story. you use a BB, give me your connect”

The afternoon that Shubho audaciously had boarded the same auto while she was enroute to the professor’s house just before finals, brought in a smile to Amritas face. shubho had always been just that. dating, he’d say.

she again keyed in.. “why”

reply was ” we need to talk. it’s been too long. 18 years.

Amrita punched in her BB keys. There! That’s it. Sometimes it’s better not to ponder too much upon things. But what could Shubho want from her? And how on earth had he even managed to track her down? Last heard he was in Mumbai, and prior to that, not all that she had heard were great ones.

Amrita opened the FB profile again to figure out this new Shubho. Nothing much… barring couple of pics amongst which just one with wife. Only couple of photographs in Foreign locales. She zoomed into to see his wife. Not a stunner, but then cute she told herself.

The message has been read, but no reply. Amrita definitely disliked people who what you call it… seen-zoned her messages.

She had to visit her almost non-existent in-laws place today. Sighing, she turned away to try and sleep.

While she was adjusting Riju’s collar in the car, her BlackBerry beeped. a connection request this time and also an FB message. “Sorry for the late reply, got stuck”. Can we talk sometime. Like todaay?” 

Before Amrita could reply, the phone rang.

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4 Responses to Circles: Part 1

  1. Mahashweta says:

    Lovely…..waiting for part 2 … eagerly…..can somewhat relate to the story as well….you have an engaging style of writing.

  2. Jayita says:

    Brilliant. Such lovely flow of words and emotive too.

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