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Circles: Part 2

“Hey buddy, finish your breakfast please…we’ll be late for school!” The little boy with his serious eyes looked up from the bowl of Cheeerios with which he was intently playing a rather complicated game and stated, “Mom, I don’t like … Continue reading

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Re-discovering My Kolkata

I moved back to Kolkata after spending 16 years in Mumbai (with a small stint in Gurgaon) and realised I hardly know my city! I always argued with people claiming that my city is beautiful and is rich in heritage; … Continue reading

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NARCISSUS-STAN: confessions of a selfie-addicted kid

Hello to everyone who took out some time and stopped by for reading this. So, when I was asked to write something for Kolkata Colloquy , I thought for a very very long time , I was confused and still … Continue reading

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পয়লা বৈশাখের পাঁচ রকম…

একটা বছর ঘুরে আবার এসে গেল – কাঠফাটা গরমে এক ঝলক মিষ্টি হাওয়ার মতো, টানা মাসের পর মাস ঘাড় গুঁজে কাজ করে যাওয়ার পরে স্বস্তির নিশ্বাস ফেলা একটা বন্ধের দিনের মতো, দিনের পর দিন ডায়েটিং করতে করতে হঠাৎ এক প্লেট … Continue reading

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Noboborsho- shekal ekal

I was really in a dilemma whether to write this in Bangla or not. Bangla is an emotion and is THE language to write in, when it comes to write about the Bangla New Year or Noboborsho. But then I … Continue reading

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