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Second Chances – Your Life is worth it…

The weather was pleasant and talking about nineteen to the dozen thing, Boogie and I were walking down towards his badminton classes, when somebody suddenly held my hand from the back. Turning around a saw a face I had known … Continue reading

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Of Love, and other Disastrous Difficulties

Today I’ve decided to put in my two cents about Love. Please don’t get knocked off your socks! Like God, or national politics, Love is also a universal and endless topic of discussion that any citizen of a democratic country … Continue reading

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The day Boogie finally met the Queen of Gir.

I kept praying. Praying silently and furiously. The prayer almost bordering on desperation. I kept praying to God. Please don’t let me down. Please don’t let US down. It was almost a question of HIS existence.  Our beliefs and our … Continue reading

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Celebrating Love, Life and togetherness – forever…

Next to God, Love is the word most mangled in every language, said Richard Bach in Bridge Across Forever. It is not always that we come across true love. We keep speaking about love, but seldom do we find it … Continue reading

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Harry Potter – Life lessons and a little magic!

My daughter is turning 17 tomorrow. That magically Phenomenal age which is just a step away from attaining adulthood. I was quite recently reading about a list that a group of readers had offered to a teenager turning 18… my … Continue reading

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