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Thank God for Tea!

Thank God for Tea! What will the world do without Tea! “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – is what sums up my mood exactly at any point during the day. … Continue reading

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পয়লা বৈশাখের পাঁচ রকম…

একটা বছর ঘুরে আবার এসে গেল – কাঠফাটা গরমে এক ঝলক মিষ্টি হাওয়ার মতো, টানা মাসের পর মাস ঘাড় গুঁজে কাজ করে যাওয়ার পরে স্বস্তির নিশ্বাস ফেলা একটা বন্ধের দিনের মতো, দিনের পর দিন ডায়েটিং করতে করতে হঠাৎ এক প্লেট … Continue reading

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Noboborsho- shekal ekal

I was really in a dilemma whether to write this in Bangla or not. Bangla is an emotion and is THE language to write in, when it comes to write about the Bangla New Year or Noboborsho. But then I … Continue reading

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Malyasian Palm Oil and it’s 100th Year!

To be honest, the first and last I had heard of Palm Oil was when I was very very young.  There was a major furor regarding the ill effects of Palm Oil. That dissipated and that was it, till decades … Continue reading

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Ghost stories of my childhood: a spookfest memoir

Do you like ghost stories? I do. My growing-up years were full of so many of them! Right from Thamma’s (my grandmother) recollection of the native ghosts that resided in our ancestral village in Chattagram, to the bizarre tales that … Continue reading

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