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Circles: Part 3

An unknown number. Before Amrita could answer, it got disconnected Muttering under her breath, she wondered if she should call back. Was it Shubho? Would it seem “too much” type? Chewing at her lower bottom lips, she thought of letting … Continue reading

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Circles: Part 2

“Hey buddy, finish your breakfast please…we’ll be late for school!” The little boy with his serious eyes looked up from the bowl of Cheeerios with which he was intently playing a rather complicated game and stated, “Mom, I don’t like … Continue reading

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Circles: Part 1

Amrita’s phone lit up. precariously balancing two bags, she took out the phone carefully from the pocket of her jeans. An FB friend request and message. It could wait.  Paying the rickshaw and depositing the bags, she opened her messenger. … Continue reading

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Chel Chitong – In search of myself

It was exactly one year after. The suffocation had started. Memories rushing in, jostling for space. I needed time out. Needed to go somewhere which was uncharted, far from everything I had known. I needed to go far from the … Continue reading

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Joydeep Roy- a tete a tete

Joydeep Roy, is a known name in not only the Kolkata designing circuit, but pan-India as well.  He burst into the designing scene in the year 2013 And since then hasn’t really looked back. Joydeep lived up to the saying,” … Continue reading

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