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Doordarshan Serials: ‘That 80’s Show’

Can I make an honest statement? These days, I never, ever watch any TV serial. None. Zilch. Nada. Neither Hindi or Bengali, and after laughing hysterically through about 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory, nor English anymore. Why, you may … Continue reading

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The Zomato Kolkata – Calcutta Foodies Club meet at Saptapadi

Amidst being eyeball deep in work, the sound of an incoming mail bothered me. Still, since I can’t, absolutely can’t ignore any incoming sound – be that for mail, message, Insta notification or WhatsApp message (mostly that!), I pronto picked … Continue reading

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Goan Sausage Pulao – An Epicurean Gem from Goa

Despite it being an overnight drive from where I stay, and Pratik being an overenthusiastic driver, I have never been to Goa. My fault entirely, I admit. Maybe because everybody else is ready to go there at the drop of … Continue reading

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Shantiniketan – In search of inner peace and rejuvenation

It was at a time when I wanted to reconnect to myself. And I knew where I wanted to be. It is honestly difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what draws me to Shantiniketan … but there is something intangible … Continue reading

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Utah – Where the elements align within you

Utah – Life Elevated® is much more than a tag line you see on license plates and other touristy stuff when it comes to describing my home in the United States for the last 18 years.  It is a way … Continue reading

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