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LoRD of the Melodies: A tribute to R. D. Burman

Thought of the day – Pancham! In my family, it’s a sacrilege to think anything else today. Like thousands of others, I am a die-hard, completely crazy, jabra fan of the Great R. D. Burman. Interestingly, it is my husband who formally … Continue reading

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Thirsting for the monsoons

“Where did you go my lovely”? Who’s waiting for the monsoons to arrive? Raise your hands please. I, for one, am jumping up and down with my hand flailing wildly like that annoying know-it-all kid you had in your class. … Continue reading

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Visit to a Scottish Fishing Village

Driving from St Andrew’s to Crail is a pleasant enough experience in summer. The road winds itself around agricultural land and farms wrapped in golden sunshine. Crail is an ancient village on the Firth of Forth and boasts a miniscule … Continue reading

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Basil – A foray into Enchanted Woods

I have just moved house and was in the process of decorating it. I had been hunting through furniture and lifestyle stores, picking up showpieces and knick knacks, and was on the lookout for the perfect door for my house! … Continue reading

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Our friend Paroma

Paroma Banerjee is a Bengali singer and Television anchor – says Paroma’s Wiki page. That Paroma has a Wiki page shouldn’t come as a surprise; but people who have grown up with her and knows she is just a call … Continue reading

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