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My Faux Pas Moments

How I put my Foot in my Mouth and other tales I have, what I like to put across as, a ‘sweeping attitude’ towards all non-me things. By ‘non-me’ I, The World that is Out There. That half-stranger whom … Continue reading

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Sundarbans Tour and Travel Saga

Kriti was preparing to write her first board exams. Ma and me had thought of a small weekend get-away for my exam-weary daughter’s recreation (exams were then coming soon, coming soon, coming real soon!). We had zeroed in on Sundarbans … Continue reading

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Memoirs of March: Holi – The Festival of Color

It’s that time of the year. When a tall, frosted glass of iced tea (OK, chilled beer, if you will) sounds much more inviting than a hot cuppa. The nip is still there in the early morning breeze, but the … Continue reading

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Survival Strategies

 A Dummy’s guide to handling stress. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today I have decided to share with you my entirely self-developed, patented tricks for surviving whatever mental malady it is that ails your heart. Trust me, these are worth 5 … Continue reading

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The Art of Communicating through Dumb Charades

 OR How to train your Tamil cook to make a true-blue Bong Dhokar dalna It was early 2008. On a cool, fresh February morning, I arrived at the Garden City with 3 huge suitcases, 2 cardboard boxes, 2 trolley bags … Continue reading

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