Our Work: Content Solutions


Kolkata Colloquy is a complete content solution provider for all your digital business promotion needs. We understand the need of generating quality content that is fresh; easily searchable; increases and engages traffic; creates brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Providing content solutions is a science, driven by data like any SEO or content marketing strategy. However, it is also an Art. The art lies in creating an engaged community that is interested and excited about your products and services. The success of content solutioning lies in creating a right blend of the art and science to craft an effective 360 degree communication strategy. An approach that will reach the right audience with the right content and build lasting relationships that will translate to measurable ROI. Your Social Return on Investment is much more than the number of visitors on your website, Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers and LinkedIn or Google+ connections. It is about tuning in to the right sentiment, and create targeted channels to captivate a community that will tie your blue print to your business bottom line.

Each client is different, with their unique set of goals, business directives and constraints. Therefore, we do not have any pre-packaged plans to sell a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll sit with you, listen to your goals and challenges, and then work with you to tailor solutions for your company to help you attain your targets.

Ready to talk content solutions with us? Drop us a line at contactus@kolkatacolloquy.com

Our Passion: Blogging


Kolkata Colloquy is not just a blog.

Wait! Before you go ‘Oops! Wrong page!’ and surf away to the fur-off corners of the Internet, let us illuminate you on that.

Kolkata Colloquy is an effort to build a community of like-minded people with whom we can have a roaring adda. And that is it’s pivotal purpose.

Yes, this is a weblog journaling our thoughts, observations, passions. This space is a canvas of our creative self-expression. This space is also for You. This is a platform where we will share our ideas, experiences, laughs; have a discourse; make some friends.

While Kolkata is our roots, an intrinsic part of us, the sap which we draw our life-force from, it does not have to be that way for you. You might be from anywhere between Tibet to Timbuktu, but if you and us share the same passions, we will get on like a house on fire.

As to what you can expect from this blog? The impressions of our existence and the world around us. We hope to create a kaleidoscope where you see food, destinations, literary stuff, current events, lifestyle matters and Life in general through our eyes.

We will love to hear your ideas and anecdotes as we chronicle our experiences.

Let this be a journey that you and we embark upon together.

Welcome to our world.

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